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To-do list to help with buying a sofa

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

The Problem

In this post, we are going to look at how you can use a to-do list to help you with your sofa choice.

The Plan

Due to my ongoing moaning of “never finding the time”, I started writing to-do lists.

I have been running showrooms for the past 10 decade. I understand how, as a customer, you can definitely procrastinate the start of your sofa search. I have however decided to not be defeated by feeling overwhelmed with too many choices or using the excuse of running out of time. Instead, I have come up with a strategic plan to combat all of the above.

Mostly to achieve the end goal of buying new sofas.

So here is our attack plan which I hope will help you too…

The Solution

The solution we have found to be the most effective is to approach the decision of buying a sofa with a to-do list. This helps us to stay focused, and move along the process of purchasing a sofa effectively and in the smoothest possible way.

Our sofa buying to-do list:

  1. Measure up space and maximum dimensions you can work with (width, depth & access- always think of door access)

  2. Have a vague idea of colours / fabrics / patterns / prints / textures

  3. Allocate uninterrupted time to peruse Sofas & Stuff website

  4. Order free fabric samples

  5. Shortlist the models I like

  6. Ask wife (or husband) to do the same, in the hopes that 1 of the choices will be the same

  7. Book a design consultation

  8. Visit one of our beautiful nationwide showrooms

  9. Take your time…

Visit Us

We would love to see you in our X'clusive sofa showroom which is absolutely gorgeous with amazing staff, myself included in that, however, who I am actually referring to is Eric, who has worked at X'clusive Homes Since its birth 12 years ago and knows everything there is to know about sofas.

Eric has an eye for design that is unquestionable and loves helping customers choose the perfect sofa for their home. The Toh Guan showroom is set in the beautiful Jurong East estate. We have a hub in the west nearby to reward yourself with after the sofa search.

Once our customers are in the store we walk them through their choices, explain the ins and outs of sofas. All this is done in the hope to make it more simple for you, and ensure you make a considered and confident purchase/decision.

Anyone reading this might think there is some healthy rivalry between the 4 showrooms across the island, and if you did, you would be 100% correct but not enough to stop coming home and still talking about OUR sofa…. And that’s before we start on the “which fabric conversation”.

A topic for next month maybe…

This is where we are in our “Sofa search” but these simple points have helped us get one step closer to making that purchase and I hope they can help you too. With that… I bid you farewell, and hope to see you and your list in our showroom where we will help you to TICK THAT BOX!

Hope to see you soon with your to-do list…

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